Amy Scarlett Theatre Designer

Scaramouche Jones

Scaramouche Jones

Based on a play by Justine Butcher

Scaramouche Jones is a one-man play by Justine Butcher, which features the story of a clown, recounting the tale of his long life and various adventures. For this project we were asked to focus on one period of his life to focus on. I chose the to focus on his adolescence, in which he is the apprentice to a snake-charmer and con-artist, travelling around North Africa and the Middle East in the 1930s.

For the costume design I took inspiration from elements of African cultural clothing, particularly that from Ethiopia and Somalia, and mixed these with symbols associated with the mythology mentioned in the script, namely ancient Egyptian. As well as putting together the garment, I also created the embroidered pattern and woven the fabric used for his belt.

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