Amy Scarlett Theatre Designer



The Oxford University Filmmaking Foundation

Student Film Projects

During my undergraduates’ course, I collaborated with a team of students from the Oxford University Filmmaking Foundation. Their production of ‘Dorian’ is a gender-flipped, mini-series based on Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’, directed by Tara Snelling, Elli Siora and Una O’Sullivan, starring Beatrice Udale-Smith. I was bought on as a wardrobe supervisor and costume designer.

As well a supervising costume for the whole cast during shoots, I also designed and made a dress for the titular Dorian. This version takes a modern psychological-thriller-drama approach to the story, there are two versions of Dorian: the ‘real-life’ attractive version, and the corrupted ‘dream’ version. For a scene in which she attends an Oxford May Ball, I created a unique ballgown and then a distorted ‘corrupted’ version of the same gown, for the evil version of herself.

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